Friday, June 15, 2007

Still alive...

I think this time I have outdone myself with my irregularity. I am still alive, albeit running on caffeine. The last two months have been extremely hectic. 12 stories from an assigned area in Wellington were a terms requirement for semester one and I completed my 12th yesterday. All that is left to do is one rather large literature review on journalism in society. I am in a group with two guys for that, and I am anticipating a few all-nighters next week.

My 12th story was about the recent rise in burglaries in Wellington. Unfortunately I was writing in part from personal experience. Our flat was broken into while I was down in Dunedin a couple of weekends ago. Nothing significant was stolen, but our back door was smashed in and poor Liz was sleeping at the time, so it was all quite upsetting.

On a happier note I spent a lovely weekend in Wanaka recently. I was great to catch up with old friends and spend time with Whanau. I’m also really looking forward to starting work experience in Marlborough in two weeks time. I was shocked to discover the time reporters start work in the morning……. 7.30!!! a whole new world for me!

Sunday the 24th will be a monumental day in my life, marking the first and last time I run in a race. I will definitely post a photo! I have been training six days a week but as the day draws closer the whole “do the think you think you cannot do” concept is feeling more and more like something that is good in theory but not necessary to put into practise.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

My neighbours :)

Down the street from me live lions, zebras, bears and pelicans. The zoo is literally a five minute walk from my place and I love going to look at the animals. I could watch the Malaysian Sun Bear mummy Saskia interact with her cub for hours. Unfortunately the six-year-old in tow did not feel the same way. Here are some of my favourite animals we saw yesterday afternoon.

Visitors from the south...

It was fantastic to have Mum and Grandma in Wellington this week. Although I didn't get to show them half of what I wanted to and Mum likened their hotel to Alcatraz (she found a toe nail on the sofa and called me up to say that they were moving!) just spending time together was really special. I had Mum, Grandma and O.J around for dinner one night. Here they are sampling my favourite drink - Malibu and pineapple juice! I miss you both already so come again soon :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Liz's Birthday

Liz and a dancer at Cafe Istanbul.

On Thursday night we celebrated another year of Liz. We had a delicious dinner and I made her a very pretty but unfortunately burnt cake.

Happy Easter

I feel like semester has barely begun and already we are on holiday. Well actually as our lecturer kindly reminded us, Easter is a holiday the rest of the two weeks are a "study break" during which time there is a strong expectation that we will be working pretty much normal hours. All the same it will be lovely to be able to sleep again.

Yesterday I attended a lovely Easter service at church which was followed by yummy hot-cross buns and really good coffee. An international concert at 7pm "A celebration of the Nations" was just gorgeous and I think I may have a few photos that I will be able to use for my photography portfolio that is due later this month.

Wishing everybody a really blessed Easter!

Lots of love


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A flat outing...Tori's flatwarming last Saturday night.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Life, school and all that jazz....

The last month has been one of the most interesting times of my life. It is so great to be back at school and being taught so many interesting things by such interesting people. The course is really intensive, we are in class all day except on a Friday when we are free to do interviews. After class I often look after Charlotte and Emmy so most days I am away from early in the morning to late evening.

I was super excited to see my first interview in the Wellingtonian yesterday. It was an interview with a young artist and they ran it right at the back of the paper by the classifieds. On Tuesday nights I have my small group, Sundays are obviously busy and whenever possible I try to make it to the gym so life is hectic. I am also finding it stressful, but it's a good kind of stress knowing that I am working towards my goals.

Last week we were studying photograpy. We had to pretend to be returning journalists who had won a prestigious award overseas and had come back to conduct a lecture. Here is one of the photos, Josh hates it, thinks he looks like he doesn't have any teeth!

Tahi the kiwi...

As many of you know after class and at the weekends I look after two little girls called Emily and Charlotte. Last week Emmy (6) had the class teddy home for the weekend and it was her job to take Brown Bear Barney on an adventure. We went to the zoo, and were lucky enough to catch the Kiwi feeder in the pen with Tahi the Kiwi. It was unusual for him to be awake during the day and we were so lucky to get this photo. Emmy was so proud of it and said her teacher loved it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Last Saturday

Tori is great at getting people to do these sorts of things!

Liz made me a really yummy cake!

I should have mentioned earlier, I asked my friends to come dressed as a different nationality. Liz and I are Hawaiian! (and incase you can't work Anna out, she's an American tourist in sneakers and jeans!) Tori made up a "20 Questions about Lucy Quiz" and two teams competed to see who knows me best, interestingly I was personally unsure of some of the answers to the questions! The photo with Tor, Kate S and Kate M is of their team singing Happy Birthday in German for bonus points!

School is hard!

Two days into semester and I am already needing to write things such as "sleeping break" and "time to grab an apple" into my timetable. It is insane. The course is hard work and my classmates are an impressive bunch of people. Most of them seem to have had significant industry experience, so lunch conversations can be daunting. The hours are long and the workload heavy, but despite that I have a real peace about the course. I am interested in the material we are covering and in the lively debates. We finish early tomorrow as "staff/student liason at student bar" is timetabled, so that should be fun!

Here are a few photos from when I still had a social life......
Bless you guys for a great week.
Lucy x

My birthday....

I had a really lovely night last Saturday. We had a girls plus Francis desert night. It was a totally delicious way to celebrate another year of life. I am about to rush off to afternoon lectures but hopefully can quickly post a few pics. Lucy
Nope! Have run out of time. Will post as soon as I next get a chance. The timetable here is so hectic, much harder work than anything I am used to.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Strawberry Fare

Andrew and Anna left for a much anticipated ski holiday in the States last Saturday. Before their flight we had a delicious breakfast to say 'goodbye' for the next two weeks.