Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trip down south....

I arrived back late on Sunday after some relaxing time with the Whanau down in Dunedin. Dunedin was (somewhat ironically) unbelievably hot and three days flew by. I met up with my Dad and sister in town on Friday and Leah and I went shopping for a wee while in the afternoon. For two people who rarely agree on anything, shopping is perhaps not the most relaxing of activities, but all the same it was good to see her - it had been a very long time.

I spent Friday night with Grandma, who confirmed her status as the world's coolest Grandmother by taking me on a hilarious trip to the Waikouaiti pub during a power cut. It was just awesome to spend time with her after being away from home for nearly four months. She is the definition of everything I hope to be when I am 75. Mum came out to stay on Saturday night which was lovely and we went for a lovely walk in the evening.

Dad spared 30 minutes for me to use his office on Sunday afternoon which he claimed meant he wouldn't eat before midnight and therefore made the gesture all the more touching. On the way home I was sitting next to a woman who was scared of flying, and another lady who willingly gave her some additional reasons why she should be, a bumpy flight compounded the fun to be had between Christchurch and Wellington. My awesome blog reading, comment posting, dedicated Liz was at the airport to pick me up at 10.30pm which was really very nice of her as she had to get up early the next day.

I am on holiday from Friday - Tuesday (yay) so will post more then. Also have some pics from my time at home which I will put up when I find my memory card!


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