Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last weekend was really fun. On Saturday I helped a friend sand down his living room. I even had one of those official looking masks! Later a group of us went out to a party in Happy Valley. On Sunday, sore arms served to confirm my suspicions that I am not physiologically suited to hard labour. This week the weather in Wellington has been awful. I felt like my car was going to fly away while I was driving this afternoon. I hope it clears up before our tramp on Sunday. I will post some photos of Taupo.


Anonymous a-ball said...

Lucy-friend, hello!!! I should write you a proper email but I don't seem to get any emailing done so I just wanted to say hi and I visited your blog! I hope to come back and take a proper look around soon, but your news re internship sounds very exciting!! Congratulations!!!

Aichi Andrea

21 November, 2006  

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