Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our "Angel Night!"

Wellington - still on my rant!

A couple of nights ago my new friend Mitch (who is the children's pastor at church) and I went out in the evening and took a few photos to use to make canvas photo boards. We didn't get any really amazing shots as it was windy and after 8pm, but still, isn't Wellington pretty?!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I absolutely, postively have to say I LOVE Wellington. It is such a blessing to be living in this gorgeous city. I love the beaches, Oriental Parade and the vibrant buzz of the city. My flat is fantastic and living with Liz again after being overseas for so long, is really special. However, the best thing of all is the people. Since I have moved up here I have met such a lot of awesome people not just from N.Z but from all over the place. Wellington is a really diverse city. Yesterday was so much fun. A group of friends and I spent the day hanging out. We rented this hillarious looking bike and rode around some places that we were meant to and also ventured where the crock has probably never been before (think Lambton Quay)! At night we watched a DVD and I returned home thinking how lucky I am to have found such an awesome new city and fun new friends over the past five months. I will post a photo of the crocmobile later on.

Photos from our trip to Taupo