Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Last Saturday

Tori is great at getting people to do these sorts of things!

Liz made me a really yummy cake!

I should have mentioned earlier, I asked my friends to come dressed as a different nationality. Liz and I are Hawaiian! (and incase you can't work Anna out, she's an American tourist in sneakers and jeans!) Tori made up a "20 Questions about Lucy Quiz" and two teams competed to see who knows me best, interestingly I was personally unsure of some of the answers to the questions! The photo with Tor, Kate S and Kate M is of their team singing Happy Birthday in German for bonus points!

School is hard!

Two days into semester and I am already needing to write things such as "sleeping break" and "time to grab an apple" into my timetable. It is insane. The course is hard work and my classmates are an impressive bunch of people. Most of them seem to have had significant industry experience, so lunch conversations can be daunting. The hours are long and the workload heavy, but despite that I have a real peace about the course. I am interested in the material we are covering and in the lively debates. We finish early tomorrow as "staff/student liason at student bar" is timetabled, so that should be fun!

Here are a few photos from when I still had a social life......
Bless you guys for a great week.
Lucy x

My birthday....

I had a really lovely night last Saturday. We had a girls plus Francis desert night. It was a totally delicious way to celebrate another year of life. I am about to rush off to afternoon lectures but hopefully can quickly post a few pics. Lucy
Nope! Have run out of time. Will post as soon as I next get a chance. The timetable here is so hectic, much harder work than anything I am used to.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Strawberry Fare

Andrew and Anna left for a much anticipated ski holiday in the States last Saturday. Before their flight we had a delicious breakfast to say 'goodbye' for the next two weeks.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Oh dear...

My New Year’s resolution to update this blog has not been going well. Perhaps keeping New Year’s resolutions should have been number one on my resolution list.

January was an interesting month. It was a stretching time as I returned home from Dunedin early, and took some temp’ work. I think my need for routine and security conflicted with this ‘go with the flow’ life-style, and I found myself feeling inexplicably stressed and miserable for much of the month. The unseasonably cold weather and being alone in the flat didn’t help matters. A more fun aspect of January was that a whole bunch of my friends celebrated their birthdays so while we mourned the lack of sun, some comfort was to be found in an abundance of social gatherings and lots of cake!

Summer has finally arrived in Wellington and what it is just great being able to wear shorts and skirts again and hang out at the beach. Last weekend, we had Sam and Kat up to stay for the Sevens (rugby). I didn’t go to it, but Liz, Sam and Kat had a blast and even made the news! Everybody gets dressed up for the Sevens and the girls went as policewomen, and declared themselves responsible for crowd control. It was a lot of fun meeting up with old friends for brunch in town, hanging out at our flat, and having fish and chips down at Lyall Bay. I had a lovely swim on Sunday evening, the water was so warm!

It is a time of transition as I prepare to start back at University, to readjust to a student lifestyle, and to study the dreaded shorthand needed for my course. I am looking forward to getting into routine again and think the course should be interesting and very challenging. An aspect that really appeals to me is that we will be a very small class (just over 20 students I think).