Friday, June 15, 2007

Still alive...

I think this time I have outdone myself with my irregularity. I am still alive, albeit running on caffeine. The last two months have been extremely hectic. 12 stories from an assigned area in Wellington were a terms requirement for semester one and I completed my 12th yesterday. All that is left to do is one rather large literature review on journalism in society. I am in a group with two guys for that, and I am anticipating a few all-nighters next week.

My 12th story was about the recent rise in burglaries in Wellington. Unfortunately I was writing in part from personal experience. Our flat was broken into while I was down in Dunedin a couple of weekends ago. Nothing significant was stolen, but our back door was smashed in and poor Liz was sleeping at the time, so it was all quite upsetting.

On a happier note I spent a lovely weekend in Wanaka recently. I was great to catch up with old friends and spend time with Whanau. I’m also really looking forward to starting work experience in Marlborough in two weeks time. I was shocked to discover the time reporters start work in the morning……. 7.30!!! a whole new world for me!

Sunday the 24th will be a monumental day in my life, marking the first and last time I run in a race. I will definitely post a photo! I have been training six days a week but as the day draws closer the whole “do the think you think you cannot do” concept is feeling more and more like something that is good in theory but not necessary to put into practise.